Our philosophy is pretty simple: Nothing works better than cheese and bread.

Our container cafe and food truck features a rotating menu of classic gourmet toasties that pay homage to classic duos of the past


Some of Our Favorites —


Tom & Jerry

House blend cheese, butter served on sourdough bread


Happy Little Vegemite

House blend cheese and Vegemite, butter served on sourdough bread


Mario & Luigi

House blend cheese, butter, pesto and roma tomatoes served on sourdough bread


Batman & Robin

House blend cheese, butter, grass fed beef, crispy beef rashers served on sourdough bread


Lenny & Carl

House blend cheese, butter and Mac & Cheese bechamel served on sourdough bread



Scooby & Shaggy

House blend cheese, butter, mushroom, red peppers and pesto served on sourdough bread.

Winnie & Tiger

House blend cheese, butter, Nutella served on sourdough bread and dusted in icing sprinkle

Baa Baa Lamb

House blend cheese, butter, slow cooked pulled lamb, marinated red peppers, cucumber and gravy served on sourdough bread

Bert & Ernie

House blend cheese, butter, roast beef, caramalised onion and marinated red peppers served on sourdough bread



Cheese and Bread is literally a massive yellow container situated on High St in the laid back suburb of Preston. And no, these are not your pathetic toasties made from 85c Woolies bread and Kraft singles.
— Urban List
It’s happened. The humble toastie, like the bagel and burger before it, has finally been Pygmalioned from our dreams into real life. The wondrous food is being championed by hospitality old hats Frank Rusitovski and Dean Trpeski in their new venture set to open later this month: a drive-through container café dedicated to toasties.
— Concrete Playground